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Meet Our Ponies

Our ponies are exceptional!  Their patience and kind temperament has allowed 36 disabled children to ride each week for over 34 years. 


Bella is a 13hh2 Piebald who came over from Ireland along with Storm and Titi. 

She is very safe off the leading rein and has given so many young people the confidence to ride independently. 

Bella has had a few issues with lameness over the years and it usually flares up each summer, so they are often vet bills we must cover to keep her happy and well. 

Sarah loves Bella and for 6 months has come up before the sessions to groom and take up for the sessions. 

13hh2 Skewbald pony at Bank Farm RDA


Titi is our Skewbald, 13hh2, also coming over from Ireland! 

He is big, fluffy teddy bear who loves giving cuddles. 

Titi is a little cheeky and always want to get where he's not meant to be, so he contributes to us mending a lot of our fences! 

Amy has ridden him for many years and his name is one of the only words she speaks. He is kind and gentle, although not the fastest mover, he gives confidence to all of his riders. 


Domino is our PIebald 14hh cob. She is kindly on loan to us from a local riding school. 

She is a great and essential part of our pony team, as she is the largest of our ponies, which enables us to widen the amount of children we can help. 

She is kind and gentle and trots happily on the lead rein and one of our children, Kyle, has improved greatly in confidence and can now do a very 

Domino our Piebald 14hh Cob Pony at Bank Farm RDA


Fudge is our 12hh2, Blue Dun Pony and has been with us for 7 years. 

He is an old boy, coming up to his 30's. Being older, he loves small outings and lots of fuss being made about him. 

One of his riders, Louis, absolutely loves him and only stops smiling when he's concentrating on steering Fudge in and out of cones. 


Lucky is our 13hh2, Black Fell Pony. 

Summer 2019, she suffered from uveitis which resulted in her left eye having to be removed, but she has taken it in her stride. 

Her recovery was an ordeal with a huge expense to the group, and there is still a chance she could get it in the other eye. 

Lucky's biggest fan is Grace, who's been coming up before the sessions for a while and although she is in a wheelchair, Lucky's great temperament means she can lead her out to the field after sessions.



Rosie is our 13hh1, Strawberry Roan from the New Forest. 

She is a wonderful and fiery character, what we would call ' a typical mare'. She likes to put on a grumpy face! 

She was a successful show jumper, but is now living in retirement helping our young riders from Henry Allen Nursery to enjoy playing games, including Grandmother's footsteps, which she invariably wins, still a little competitive! 

Tiny Tim

Tiny Tim has travelled from Scotland to be with us here at Bank Farm in 2021. 

Tiny Tim is 12 years old ad has been in an RDA Carriage Driving Group. 

He has settled in nicely since his move and has got to know all the Bank Farm residents. He has a very calm nature and stunning eyes! 


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