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International Women's Day - Inspire Inclusion

Today is International Women's Day and the theme is #InspireInclusion and there is no one who lives and breathes this more than our local Riding for the Disabled group founder, Anne Coney.

A horse lover since she first fell off a pony at 3! She was invited to see a local RDA group in action where she saw the life-changing experiences children with additional needs and disablities gained through riding. She took her carriage driving pony to an RDA camp and along with our co-founder Gaile Ogden, ran her own RDA camp at Bank Farm in Bellingdon where the Bank Farm RDA group was born in 1986.  Today, the group is going strong with 7 ponies and 60 riders.

Anne's philosophy has always been that at Bank Farm its what you can do that counts. The community at Bank Farm allows not only the riders to be their authentic selves, without having to conform to what society dictates, but creates a safe place for them to go to. And it goes beyond the riders, to the volunteers and the parents.


Anne inspires young volunteers to embrace difference and demonstrates the importance of inclusion, empathy and belonging, breaking down barriers and providing opportunities for positive communication and connection. 


Please share Anne's story on @internationalwomensday2024 to inspire others and if you can support us Bank Farm RDA Limited - JustGiving, we will continue Anne's work of creating #inclusive opportunities for future generations of riders, parents and volunteers. 


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