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Saying Farewell to Fudge

Bank Farm RDA wouldn't be the same without our incredible ponies.  They are the heart of our programme,  providing countless hours of support and therapy to children with additional needs.

These amazing animals need to be special.  Patience is key,  as they deal with riders of all abilities.  They must be calm and trustworthy,  creating a safe and comfortable environment for everyone.  But most importantly,  they need a genuine connection with children – a willingness to bond and build trust.

Our ponies are true partners in our mission to improve lives.  They dedicate their time and energy to helping children gain confidence,  independence,  and a sense of accomplishment.

This week,  we bid a fond farewell to one such hero: Fudge,  our beloved 12hh2 Blue Dun pony.  Fudge came to Bank Farm when he was 21 and settled in well,  soon becoming the leader of the pack.  For 13 years,  he has provided loyal service which earned him his long service RDA Award and during this time he built strong bonds with his long term riders Toby and Louis.

Fudge,  we thank you for your years of service.  You've earned a well-deserved retirement,  filled with long naps, endless treats and a lot of fuss.  While we'll miss seeing you at the stables,  the impact you've made will continue to inspire us all.


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