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We believe the work we have done over the past 35 years has truly enriched the lives of the children we try to help. But, don't take our word for it! Hear it from our previous and current riders.

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Our daughter has been riding with Bank Farm for many years now and from that very first day she has been treated with a truly inspiring degree of love and kindness. Every ride has three people supporting her to make sure that she is both safe and enjoying herself. The reward is her huge grin and happy noises. She loves coming to riding which helps both her mental and physical wellbeing, and we love how delighted and excited she is to be with the horses and learning new skills.

Charlies Story

This inspirational interview highlights just how the RDA can help young people.


Charlie, who has been going to Bank Farm RDA for 12 years now explains how Anne and the ponies at Bank Farm have helped him to overcome his fears.


The video was made by Joel who rode with Anne for 11 years and is now 24. He has studied photography and videography at college.

Childs joy in riding at Bank Farm RDA

Bank Farm Riding has transformed my son. He is so happy on the pony now.

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