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Make Bank Farm RDA 
Your Chosen Charity

At Bank Farm RDA, we unlock a world of possibility for disabled individuals. We harness the power of horses to create a space where riders of all abilities can develop their skills, confidence, and well-being at their own pace.

Impact in Action:


Reported improved balance, coordination and muscle strength


Felt a significant boost in self-belief and a stronger sense of accomplishment


Experienced enhanced communication skills


Reporting improved social skills and relationship development


Experienced more enjoyment


To find out more read the most recent RDA Impact Report

More Than Just Riding: Education and Growth

Our programs extend far beyond the riding arena. We recognize the profound impact these experiences have on education and personal development. Opportunities to compete in safe and supportive environments further instill confidence that translates into everyday life.

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Contact Us

If you have any questions or thoughts in how you may be able to support us please get in touch!

Corporate Partners:

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